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♦ 12-inch (320 mm) long.

♦ 9 layers security.

♦ 250ml absorbing capacity.

♦ Bacteria free.

♦ Reduce risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome

Sanitary napkin is a hygiene absorbent product used by women during menstrual periods. It is a product of technical textile. A sanitary napkin, sanitary towel, sanitary pad, menstrual pad, maxi pad, or pad is an absorbent item worn by a woman while she is menstruating, recovering from vaginal surgery,

♦ In the last few years I have seen a steep fall in their quality and a steep rise in their price every few months.

♦ The other Sanitary napkins are all the more 'plastic' now, very uncomfortable and itchy to be used during summers as your skin just can't breathe through it. Earlier it used to be better.

♦ The green disposal wrap around the pad just tears off into pieces while taking out the napkin. Earlier it used to be better.

♦ The used napkin mostly tears off while removing to dispose it.

♦ Being plastic like, it hurts and creates rashes on the inner thighs, and the plastic wings absorb less, making the inner thighs dirty.

♦ Worst, the perfume they have now added to it just stings your sensitive skin the moment you wear it, making it a very uncomfortable experience off late.

♦ The lemon/fluorescent green pad cover attracts unwanted attention when you carry it along while traveling.

♦ The wrapper around each pad is beautiful cottony white, which gives you a very pure clean happy feeling, easy to carry in purse without inviting unwanted attention.

♦ The pads are super absorbent and very comfortable. As thin and light as other pads. Don't hurt inner thighs and keep them clean.

♦ Made of cotton like breathable material which does not cause any itching like other pads.

♦ No useless perfumes added.

♦ The Believe sanitary pads are wider than other pad and fit better on any style panties. Whisper doesn't properly fit all panty styles/brands.

♦ The Large and Extra Large Dry Napkins are the best from the other.