The company has been incorporated with a mission to spread health & financially freedom online literacy among the masses and for a noble cause.

Salient Features

Term / Renewal

The term of this Agreement is twelve month and shall commence from the day the application of the Associate on the requisite format is received online by the company, subject to the consideration received or to be received within the specified period. The term of the Agreement may be renewed by the company for another same period when an Associate renews the Product / Services / Package of the company on the same specified terms. Renewal request must reach to the company before the expiry of the product,however 25 days grace period is granted to Associates facing some emergences. Renewal request would not be entertained in any circumstances, if received after the grace period.


It is mutually agreed between the parties that:

Force Majeure

It is expressly understood by both the parties here that any act of God or force majeure, that include, but is not limited to, natural disaster, war, technical failures and operation of Law / Government Policies that may prevent the due performance of any of the obligations under this Agreement, or under any Terms / Conditions / Subsidiary Agreement that may form an integral part of this Agreement, will not be construed as failure to perform the contract by either of the parties hereto. However, it is clarified that the party, so affected will take all possible steps towards normal performance of obligations under this Agreement, as soon as possible. No party will be responsible for any loss due to the other party, in these circumstances.


An Associate is required to keep any company's password and other secure access, information confidential and notify the company promptly if the Associate believes that the security of an account has been exposed. The company has taken reasonable step to protect the security of online transactions. However, the company does not warrant such security and will not be liable for any losses or damages resulting from any security breaches. The Associate shall be liable for losses or damages resulting from the security breaches.

Privacy Statement

Jurisdiction And Disputes Resolution Mechanism

This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the Laws of Union of India and shall be subject to MUMBAI Jurisdiction:

Promises By Recruiting Associate

Selling Associate is not authorized to make any other promise to prospective Purchasing Associates other than those made by the company on its website JANSEVAMISSIONS UNIT under this Agreement and in other official company material relating to this Agreement. The company shall not be liable for any act of omission or commission, misrepresentation, false commitment and promises made by any Associate to the prospective Associate / User while introducing the Product / Package / Services of the company. At the time of Agreement, if any Associate while trying to enter into Agreement with the prospective Associate makes some false commitment, misrepresentation and promises such prospective Associate can write a complaint against the Associate to the company. Company will take appropriate action against such Associate but company shall not be responsible and liable for such acts of Associate.


Associate will be entitled to participate in the business and education programme of the company upon acceptance of an application by the company, with a Business Center offered Free of Cost, consisting of concept (purchase-use-recommend) to unlimited depth. After making sale of two Advance JANSEVAMISSIONS WELLNESS Package , Associate will be eligible to get commission on the sales occurring in his / her organization due to his / her continuous Participation / Training / Teaching / Helping and Development to all the Associate in his / her organization and with fulfillment of the conditions, as explained on the company's Business Section on its website An Associate understands that to earn commission in the programme, Associate is responsible for generating business with proper guidance and training of the company and strictly as per the Terms and Conditions of the company. To do this, an Associate will personally make sales of the Advance JANSEWVAMISSION which will build his or her sales team and will contact prospects by phone, net and in person and attend local training meetings of the Company's Independent Associates or Representatives which will be notified by the Associate to prospective Associate. An Associate has to get continuous training from the Company and continuously to train those referred to by participation in the programme. All Participating JANSEVAMISSIONS WELLNESS Package / Selling Associates must be introduced to the Training Programs / Events organized by the Company. Those who buy an Advance JANSEVAMISSIONS WELLNESS Package shall be entitled for Retail and Group Compensation Plans.

An Associate having applied to participate in the company's web based business programme ["Programme"], understands that he / she / it will be bound by the Terms and Conditions / Contract hereof, once such application is submitted online and accepted by the company.

An Associate shall be entitled to get Company's site for online Application processing.

An Associate is responsible for getting training by himself / herself from the company and training those who are referred by participation in the programme also facilitating them for attending company's periodically organized Training Programs.

An Associate shall be solely responsible for payment of his / her taxes and other levies [central or state] in general course of his self- employment as independent Associate or Company's web based programme as per the laws and rules governing his / her Province / State / Country. Independent Associates agree that in India the revenue earned during the fiscal year will be liable to tax deduction at source at such rates as applicable in accordance with the Income Tax Act, 1961 or rules, amended from time to time.

An Associate at his / her / its own expense, will make, execute and file all such reports and obtain such licenses as are required by law or public authority with respect to this Agreement. The company is not responsible for illegal submissions / representations made by any Associate.

An Associate shall be responsible to keep him / her aware of any change[s] modification[s] in the existing Agreement / Contract or change in the compensation plan, rates, prices and charges. An Associate agrees that the company may from time to time modify the existing Agreement or change in the compensation plan, marketing plan, rates, prices and charges in order to make it applicable to all Associates. Changes / Modifications shall be deemed to have been given by the company once such changes are posted on web site. It is Associates responsibility to keep visiting company's website for recent developments. These changes / updating and new developments will be applicable to all the Associates.

Cross Sponsoring/Cross Recruiting

An Associate understands that cross sponsoring, cross recruiting and cross line jumping are prohibited in the company's Business Programme. This may result in the imposition of penalty / suspension / cancellation / revocation of his / her Product / Services / Package and as more fully set forth hereafter, but may include immediate termination from Business Programme without passing of any benefits or revenue / pay out payable to such Associate / prospective applicant. "Cross sponsoring" means soliciting an Associate or any closely related person or entity into an organization different from the existing organization for that Associate, or a closely related person or entity.
"Cross jumping" means an Associated or any closely related person or entity voluntarily taking a business that is not in the same down line as the one in which the Associate first was placed.
"Closely related person or entity" is any person in the household of the Associate [e.g. Spouse, Son, Daughter, Parents] or any Legal entity which is controlled by the Associate.