Contractual Terms and Conditions:

This Agreement is entered into between JANSEVAMISSIONS UNIT. a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its office in Noida / Delhi, hereinafter referred to as the Company on the one part and any User / Associate who / which buys the Product and Services Package of the company, as specified herein below, hereinafter referred to as the "Associate" on the other part.

The Associate represents and warrants that the marketing programme and the compensation plan, its limitations and conditions have been understood clearly by him / her and, the Associate is not relying upon any representation or promise that is not contained in this Agreement or other official company material. An Associate shall be a person who submits a properly filled in online application on the requisite format (as obtained by clicking "Buy Now" button on our website and such application is electronically submitted and Purchased Product (ONLINE) is instantaneously delivered by accepting ONLINE LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) and FAQ'S (given on our website).

An Associate for promotion of our Business / Mission shall act and be as an independent contractor and shall not have any authority to bind the company for any obligations whatsoever. An Associate is not an Employee or any other Legal representative of the company or its service provider. The relationship between the company and an Associate is governed by the Terms and Conditions as laid down in this agreement will come into being only when this Agreement is agreed and accepted online by any Purchasing Associate and this Agreement shall remain enforceable during its existence which is one year only unless it is renewed further for the same period by sending signed Declaration on the Invoice Form. An Associate shall be presumed to have understood the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement which are detailed herein below link.:------


1. As A Distributor I Understand And Unconditionally Without Any Pressure With My Full Consciousness. I Agree That As A Distributor/Member Of JANSEVAMISSIONS. I Will Have A Relation With Company Only Of Business. There Is No Relation Of Holder & Company As An Employee & Employer

2. I Am An Adult Person & Legally Competent To Enter Into Business.

3. I Shall Become A Distributor Of JANSEVAMISSIONS. Upon Acceptance Of This Application. I Shall Have The Right To Promote The Products Offered By Company In Accordance With Its Rules, Regulation, Policies & Procedures Framed By The Company From Time To Time.

4. I Have Carefully Reviewed Business Plan Rules, Regulation, Policies & Procedure Of The Company And Acknowledge Having Studied The Same & Unconditionally Agree To The Same Being Modified From Time To Time. I Have Also Read The Same On The Notice Board Of The Registered Office Or And Authorized Branch Of The Company And Agree To The Same In Total.

5. Company At Its Discretion May Amend The Business Plan Rules, Regulation, Policies, And Procedures And Terms And Conditions Of This Representative Application/Enrollment Form Shall Notify Its Distributors Of Any Amendments, Alterations, Deletions And Additions, Which Will Be Binding On Me.

6. This Agreement Constitutes The Entire Agreement The Distributor And JANSEVAMISSIONS. And No Other Additional Promises, Representations, Guarantees Or Agreements Of Any Kind Is Valid Unless In Writing & Approved By Jansevaission.

7. All Terms & Conditions Applied In Present Terms & Conditions & Applied In The Future By The Company Will Be Strictly Applicable On Me.

8. जनसेवामिशनचा कोणताही डिस्ट्रीब्युटर्स जर जनसेवामिशन सोडून दुसरी कंपनी जॉइंड करीत असेल तर . . . त्याची जनसेवामिशन मधील आय . डी . ब्लॉक ( बंद ) करण्याचा कंपनीला पुर्ण अधिकार आहे . तसेच भविष्यात ती आय . डी . त्याला कधीही ओपन करून मिळणार नाही व त्या आय . डी . चे टि . डी . एस . व रिवार्ड सुध्दा मिळणार नाही .

9. Company Will Not Be Responsible For Any Fake Commitment Made By Any Of Its Distributor.

10. All Cash Payment Can Be Made Only At Company's Registered Or Head Office During Office Timings. Company Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Cash Payments Made At Any Other Place.

11. Your Arrangement With The Company Is Purely Linked With Your Performance.

12. Once Starter Product Kit (Package) Sold Is Non-Returnable & Non-Replaceable In Any Condition What Ever Case May Be.

13. No Payment Will Be Refund To Any Distributors Under Any Circumstances.

14. जनसेवामिशनमध्ये होत असलेला कोणत्याही इव्हेंटला लागणारा खर्च हा त्या ग्रुपच्या ( डायमंडच्या ) सर्व सिल्वर पासूनच्या वरील डिस्ट्रीब्युटर्स कडून कॉन्ट्रीब्युट केला जातो . 50 % रॉयल्टीमध्ये 10 % इव्हेंटसाठी दिला आहे . जे डिस्ट्रीब्युटर्स कॉन्ट्रीब्युशन देणार नाहीत त्याला भविष्यात कुठलाच रॉयल्टी मिळणार नाही

15. All Distributors Are Restricted By All New Plans Or Changes In Business Plan Issued By Company Time T0 Time.

16. In Case Of Server Problems Company Is Not Binding To Give Any Answer Regarding The Updates.

17. All Tax Liabilities/Transportation Charges Will Be Borne By Distributors.

18. It Is Brought To Us Under Notice That Any Kind Of Incentive/Reward Achieved Will Be Paid/ Given After The Normal Completion Of Stipulated Time Of Achievement Of That Reward. It Doesn't Matter That You Have Achieved Within Short Period. He/She Should Approach Office & Tell About His/Her Last Performance Daily/Weekly.

19. The Company Will Not Be Responsible For Any Kind Of Personal Declaration Or Commitment Made By Any Distributors / Leaders Of His/Her Or Other's Group.

20. सिल्वर पासून तर एमराल्ड पर्यंतच्या सर्व लिडर्सला त्यांच्या पावरमध्ये दोन दिवस व्हिजीट ( मिटींग ) करणे अनिवार्य आहे . अन्यथा त्यांना त्या आठवड्याची रॉयल्टी मिळणार नाही .

21. Distributors Payments Will Be Executed Within 05 Days. Please Do Not Call Us For Below 05 Days Transactions.

22. If Distributors Is Not Received A Payment Within 05 Days, After That Complaints Will Be Registerd.

23. After Accepting Application By The Company, I Will Be An Independent Distributor Responsible For My Business & Not As An Employee Of The JANSEVAMISSIONS. I Will Not Be Treated As An Employee In Regard To Any Labor Laws & Shall Not Claim Any E.S.I., P.F., Gratuity Or Any Other Benefits Under Any Act Presently In Force Or Such Act Which May Come Into Force From Time To Time, Including The Workmen's Compensation Act And Such Other Allied Labour Laws.

24. I Also Understand And Agree That My Status As A Distributor In The Business Plan Of The Company Is Valid Commencing From The Date Of Application To Be Enrolled As A Distributor From The Date Of Acceptance Of Application.

25. If I Sponsor Other, I Must Fulfill The Obligation Of Performing A Benefits Supervisory, Distributing & Selling Function In The Sale Of Products To The Ultimate Consumer And In The Training Of The Distributor I Must Maintain Close Relation With Distributor Sponsored By Me.

26. I Am Responsible To Pay All The Tax Dues Regularly, Whether Local, State & Central, Earning From Incentive Generated In Particular Financial Year.

27. Trade Name And/Or Trademark Except In The Advertising Provided To Me By The Company, Neither Shall I Advertise The Product Of The Company On My Own. I Am However Permitted To Promote The Same Through Personal Contact, And Word Of Mouth.

28. I Understand That The Business Plan Of The Company Is A Program Built On Retail Sales Of Product To The Ultimate Consumer, Thereby Avoiding Middlemen & Passing On The Benefits Of Such Direct Sales In The Form Of Sales Incentives To The Distributor.

29. Prior Written Approval From The Company Is Required To Use Or Produce Any Literature Other Than Company Produced Literature Relating To The Products, Company, Or Business Plan.

30. I Understand That Only A Representative Of The Company Who Has Received Training, And Has An Identity Number In The Company Stating The Same; Can Make A Public Presentation Of The Company Business Plan.

31. Matters Are Subject To Nagpur Jurisdiction Only.

32. जे लिडर्स ( सिल्वर पासून ) मंथली लिडर्स मिटींगला गैरहजर राहतात . त्यांना त्या पूर्ण महिण्याची रॉयल्टी दिली जाणार नाही . ( सिरीयस कारण असल्यास त्याचा पुरावा लागेल .

33. The Validity Of Receipt Is Subject To Realization Of P.O/D.D.

34. Upon Death Of The Distributors, The Right & Responsibilities Of The Distributor Are Passed On To The Rightful Nominee As Per The Law. The Nominee Shall Be Bound By The Terms & Conditions Of The Original Distributor Agreement And Abide By The Company's Rules And Regulations.

35. The Management Of The Company Reserves The Right To Reject Any Application Without Assigning Any Reason.

36. Company Would Not Be Held Responsible If Due To Act Of God/Calamity/Change In Regulation, Changes In Law Or Due To Any Unforeseen Circumstances It Is Not Be Able To Perform Its Normal Working & Under Such Circumstances Distributor's And Except That No Claim Would Be Presented Or Entertained.

37. If Any Independent Distributors Has Any Query/Dispute Regarding The Payment Of Commission, The Independent Distributor Should Contact The Company's Head Office Within 15 Days From The Date Of Dispatch Of Cheques From Head Office Else The Data For The Previous Month Shall Be Considered As Accepted.

38. Tds Will Be Deducted On Income As Per The Income Tax Rules.

39. Cash/Demand Draft Only Will Be Accepted, Payable At Nagpur In Favour Of JANSEVAMISSIONS.

40. Write Clearly Name & Id Number On Backside Of D.D. (Company Will Not Be Responsible For Any Incorrect Information Provided By You).

41. After Commissi0n Will Be Released Within Minimum Of 15 Days, And In Some Unforeseen & Typical Condition Like Natural Calamities Etc. It Might Be 30 Days & Above From The Closing Date Of Month.

42. For The Delay In Payment Of Commission Voucher Or Any Incentive, Just Because Of Improper & Wrong Bank Information Filled By Distributors In Enrollment Form, The Distributor Him/Herself Will Be Responsible.

43. All Distributors Are Restricted By All Rules & Regulations, Issued By Company Time To Time. It Is Distributor's Duty To Know & Learn Or Read Carefully The Terms & Conditions Of Business Opportunities. Not Knowing The Terms & Conditions Is Not An Excuse.

44. Applicant, Joining The Company, Must Be Of 18 Yrs & Above Age.

45. The Transportation Charges/Courier Will Be Borneby Distributor And Above.

46. The Delivery Of Products Is Subject To Availability & Transportation. However, Our Endeavor Would Be, To Send As Earliest As Possible.

47. Company Has Deducted The T.D.S From Every Payout Of The Distributor.

48. Pan Card Is Necessary For T.D.S If Any Distributor Failed To Provide Pan No 20% Will Be Deducted From His Income And Will Not Be Considered As T.D.S.